Who is eligible to participate?

Q: What is the age limit to participate in this competition?

National secondary school (SPM): age 15-18 (Form 3 - Form 6)
Independent high school (UEC): age 15-18 (Junior Year 3 – Senior Year3)
International school (IGCSE): age 15-16 (Grade 10 – Grade 11)

Q: Can I join if I have graduated from secondary school?

No. This competition is only open to current students in secondary school or high school.

Q: Is it possible for a foreign secondary school student to participate in this competition?

Yes, as long as you are staying in Malaysia..

What are The Artwork Specifications?

Q: Can I complete my artwork in digital format?

No. Submissions of digital paintings are NOT acceptable. We only accept hand drawn artworks.

Q: Is there any standard to what type of paper I should use for my artwork?

You should complete your artwork on paper material, following the standard size of A3 (29.7cm × 42.0cm) or B4 size (25.0cm x 35.3cm).

Q: Is there any specific drawing medium to use?

We allow all sorts of drawing & painting medium, such as watercolour, pencil, pen, colour pencil, marker pen, oil pastel, crayon, acrylic. Cut and paste digital printed elements are not allowed.

Q: What is the drawing theme?

Kindly refer to our guidelines stated in How To Join:

Q: Can I apply fantasy elements in my artwork?

Yes. We accept both reality and fantasy scenarios.

Q: Do I need to redraw scene 1 and scene 2?

No. You are only required to draw scene 3.

Q: What is the artwork judging criteria?

Judging criteria will be based on the following aspects:

(a) Creativity, Originality & Theme Focus

(b) Professional Quality (Neatness, finishing of artwork)

(c) Aesthetic Quality (Chosen medium, composition, colour and drawing skills)

(d) Overall Impression

How do I submit my artwork?

Q: How and where should I submit my artwork to?

Please mail your physical artwork to us. We advise you to use a courier service to prevent lost mail or delayed mail. The organiser will not bear any responsibility for the damage or loss of artwork during the process of shipping. Kindly refer to our guidelines stated in How to Join:

Q: Can I send my artwork via Grab Delivery / Lalamove?

Yes, you may. Kindly arrange delivery during office hours – Monday to Friday, 9am-5.30pm. Please include a remark for the rider to pass the artwork to our security guard.

Q: How many rounds of competition in this event?

There will be only ONE round of competition this year.

Q: Can I submit more than one artwork?

No. We only accept ONE (1) artwork per participant.

Enquiries on winner announcement

Q: When will the winner announcement take place?

Results announcement ceremony will be held online on August/September 2022. Please note that the date is subject to change.

Q: Can I exchange the scholarship prize offer to money should I have no interest to study at your college?

No. The scholarships offered are solely redeemable at The One Academy Bandar Sunway or The One Academy Penang.

If you require further assistance, kindly contact our MT10 Committee at or leave a message via Facebook Messenger at