Q: What is the age limit to participate in this competition.

A: As long as you are still studying in secondary school or high school.

Q: Can I draw the Round 1 artwork on another paper? Can I draw without following the outline given in the form?

A: Yes. You may do so!

Q: How do I know if I am shortlisted for Round 2? Will you announce on website or social media platforms?

A: No. We will not announce via website or our Facebook/ Instagram. We will inform shortlisted participants via SMS/Email/Mail with detailed information of the Round 2 competition. Kindly take note that non-shortlisted participants will not receive any form of notification.

Q: Can I complete my artwork in digital format?

A: Digital drawings are NOT allow for both Round 1 and 2 competition.

Q: Do I need to prepare my own art block?

A: Not required. Standard 165 gsm A3 art block (size 29.7cm x 42.0cm) will be provided by the organizer.

Q: Any specific drawing mediums to use?

A: We allow all sorts of drawing & painting mediums, except oil paints and paint spray. Cut and paste digital printed elements are not allowed.

Q: Is it necessary to draw the movie characters in my artwork?

A: Not necessary. You can draw whatever you wish based on your creativity and related to the topic.

Q: Can I apply fantasy elements in my artwork.

A: Yes. We accept reality or fantasy scenarios.

Q: What are the criteria for artwork judging

A: Judging criteria will be based on the following aspects:

(a) Creativity & Concept

(b) Originality & Theme Focus

(c) Aesthetics & Skills (Colour, finishing & drawing skills)

Q: Can I bring my parents along?

A: Yes. However, we do not allow parents in the hall during the competition duration. Parents can stay at the foyer/exhibition area. They may enter the hall during seminar and announcement of winners session.

Q: Can I leave after attending the competition?

A: We would advise you to stay with us until the end of the event, as we will announce the shortlisted winners on the same day.

Q: How can I check the final winners list of Malaysia Top 10 2019?

A: We will upload on our official page ( within 1-2 days after the entire event completed.

If you require extra information or assistance, contact our MT10 Committee at 012-551 0093 or 012-551 0539.