Who is eligible to participate?

Q: What is the age limit to participate in this competition?

National secondary school (SPM): age 14 – 17 (Form 2 – Form 5)
National secondary school (STPM): age 18 (Form 6)
Independent high school (UEC): age 14 – 18 (Junior Year 2 – Senior Year 3)
International school (IGCSE): age 14 – 17 (Grade 9 – Grade 11)

Q: Can I join if I have graduated from secondary school?

No. This competition is only open to current students in secondary school or high school

Q: Can I join if I sat for February 2023 SPM?

No. Students who have sat for the exam are not eligible to join

Q: Can I join if I’m sitting for May/June 2023 GCSE/IGCSE exam?

No. Students who are taking their GCSE/IGCSE on May/June 2023 are not eligible to join

Q: Is it possible for a foreign secondary school student to participate in this competition?

Yes. As long as you are staying in Malaysia

What is the registration process?

Q: How do I register for the competition?

Please click on the ‘Register’ page located on the top of the webpage or click here to register

Q: Is the registration only done online?

Yes, please refer to the above question

Q: Do I have to pay for registration?

No, this is a non-profit event, NO REGISTRATION FEE is needed

Q: Do I register as an ‘Individual Participant’ or ‘Registration by School’?

For participants who are interested, we would advise for you to talk to your school first about sending a team to register. In the case that your school is not sending a team to register, you may register as an ‘Individual Participant’

Q: What is the difference between ‘Individual Participant’ or ‘Registration by School’?

‘Registration by School’ are for teachers or school representatives who are interested in registering for a group of students

Q: How do I know if my registration has been received by The One Academy?

An auto email response will be sent to your email address after you have registered as an ‘Individual Participant’. Alternatively, you can check with your teacher or school representative after a few days if you have done ‘Registration by School’

Q: I didn’t receive an email from The One Academy after registering as an ‘Individual Participant’

Please ensure that your email address is correct when you register yourself. Kindly check your spam/junk mail if you cannot locate the email in your inbox

Q: Can I register anytime?

There are registration deadlines, please register before the deadline for your specific location. Click here to check the deadlines.

Q: If I have not completed any registration, can I just appear and join in on the day of event?

No, participants who are interested in joining MT10 2023 should register before the deadline as stated above. There will be NO acceptance of walk-ins with no prior registration

On-The-Spot Competition Rules

Q: Is it an online competition?

No. Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Award 2023 will be held physically. Kindly check here to see the cities that we’ll be holding the event, and choose a location where it’s the most convenient for you to attend

Q: What is the drawing theme?

Please click here to learn about it on our website

Q: Can I apply fantasy elements in my artwork?

Yes, we accept both reality and fantasy scenarios

Q: Can I complete my artwork in digital format?

No. Digital paintings or artworks are NOT permitted in the competition, only hand drawn artwork is accepted

Q: Is there any specific drawing medium to use?

Feel free to complete your artwork in the art direction of your choice, whether it is a coloured piece or a black and white artwork. EXCEPT oil paints and spray paints, ALL other traditional mediums are allowed such as watercolour, colour pencil, gouache, oil pastel, acrylic paints, pencil sketch, inking, etc. Cut and paste printed images or craft materials are NOT ALLOWED.

Q: What is the size of the artwork to complete?

A3 size (29.7cm x 42.0cm)

Q: Do I need to bring my own art materials?

Yes, you will have to bring your own drawing and colouring tools. By default, we will be providing 165gsm A3 size drawing block (29.7cm × 42.0cm) for all participants. If you need to use your own paper, kindly make sure that you prepare your own following the size as stated above. Only empty white or light beige coloured paper is allowed. You should inform our staff to place an official stamp behind your paper before the competition begins.

Q: Can I bring and refer to my art references during the competition?

We allow you to bring in reference materials. Plagiarism or copying or tracing of other’s artwork is strictly prohibited

Q: How do you determine whether an artwork is original?

Plagiarism is presenting a work or idea from another source as your own. Artwork with more than 50% similarity to any published artworks in terms of its composition, is considered as art plagiarism and will be disqualified.

Q: Is it possible to incorporate sensitive topic?

The organiser reserves the rights to disqualify any artwork which is deemed promoting the following, without providing any further clarifications: Violence, pornography, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religious conflict, political issue or any immoral thinking.

Q: What is the artwork judging criteria?

Judging criteria will be based on the following aspects:
(a) Creativity, Originality & Theme Focus
(b) Professional Quality (Neatness, finishing of artwork)
(c) Aesthetic Quality (Chosen medium, composition, colour and drawing skills)
(d) Overall Impression

Q: How many rounds of competition in this event?

There will be only ONE round of competition. Each participant is required to draw only ONCE.

Q: Can I take back my submitted work?

No. ALL artworks submitted are NOT returnable. Should you disagree with this clause, kindly refrain from joining this competition

Q: Will my artwork be duplicated or sold?

No. The organizer has no rights to duplicate or sell the artworks done by the participants for profit-making

Q: Will I go home empty handed if I don’t win?

No, all participants who successfully participate in the on-the-spot drawing competition would be given a Certificate of Participation
This competition is also about the experience, getting to meet others who share the same passion. It’s an adventure that few have the privilege of experiencing

Q: Will a reminder be sent once the event date nears?

Yes, a confirmation of attendance, venue, date and time will be sent via email / SMS to registered participants once the event date nears

Enquiries on Winner Announcement

Q: When will the winners be announced?

Result announcement will be held on the 29th of July, in conjunction with our final ceremony and final competition day

Q: Can I exchange the scholarship prize offer to money, should I have no interest to study at your college?

No, the scholarship offered are solely redeemable at The One Academy Bandar Sunway or The One Academy Penang

If you require further assistance, kindly contact our MT10 Committee at or leave a message via Facebook Messenger at