Open to Secondary School Students Age 15 – 18

• National Secondary School: Form 3 - Form 6
Independent High School: Junior Year 3 - Senior Year 3
International School: Grade 10 - Grade 11

• Participant MUST be current secondary school student and NOT enrolled into any tertiary education institutions (i.e. colleges, universities).

• Gold, Silver, Bronze winners from the past THREE years of competition (year 2019, 2020, 2021) are NOT eligible to join.

• Participants who do not meet the criteria above will automatically be disqualified.

Register before 30 June 2022

• Make sure to register before the said date so you have enough time to prepare your artwork before the submission deadline.

• Any notifications or updates to participants will be done via email and WhatsApp.

• We will accept only artworks from registered participants.

• The organiser has the rights to reject your artwork should we fail to match it with the registered info.

Complete The Story / Lengkapkan Cerita / 完成故事

Based on the two scenes provided, flaunt your imagination and creativity by completing the third scene. You are free to express your idea in both reality and fantasy settings. You are not required to redraw the provided scenes in your artwork. It is also NOT COMPULSORY to use any given visuals including the human character. Should you feature any characters in the artwork, make sure that your drawing is original and avoid replicating any existing story characters. (e.g. Minions, Superman, Elsa, etc.).

Berdasarkan dua ilustrasi yang disediakan, tunjukkan imaginasi dan kreativiti anda dengan melengkapkan babak ketiga. Anda bebas untuk mempersembahkan idea dalam latar realiti dan fantasi. Anda tidak perlu melukis semula ilustrasi yang disediakan dalam karya seni anda. Anda juga TIDAK WAJIB untuk menggunakan sebarang visual yang diberikan termasuk watak manusia. Sekiranya anda melukis watak, sila pastikan watak tersebut ialah ciptaan asli dan elakkan menggunakan watak cerita lain yang sedia ada. (Contohnya: Minions, Superman, Elsa, dan lain-lain.)

根据所提供的两个画面,以你的想象力和创意力完成第三个场景。 现实或幻想画面皆可。学生无须重画前两个所提供的场景,也无须 使用场景里的任何元素,包括人类角色。如作品牵涉人物,请确保 设计属于原创,避免使用其它现有的故事角色。(例如:小黄人, 超人,艾尔莎等)。

For registered participants, kindly download the artwork submission form and attach it at the back of your artwork before mailing it out.


• Please create your masterpiece on a standard white A3 size (29.7cm x 42.0cm) or B4 size (25.0cm x 35.3cm) paper of your choice.

• You may complete your artwork in ANY traditional drawing and painting medium EXCEPT digital art.

• Feel free to complete your artwork in the art direction of your choice, whether it is a coloured piece or a black and white artwork. Watercolour, colour pencil, gouache, oil pastel, acrylic paints, pencil sketch, inking, anything!

• Cut and paste printed images or craft materials are NOT ALLOWED.

• We only accept artworks in original hardcopy from registered participants.

• Top 100 shortlisted participants are required to record a video for artwork authentication purpose according to the guidelines set by the organiser.

• ALL submitted artworks are not returnable. Should you disagree with this clause, kindly refrain from joining the event.